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Welcome to Bess Farm Insurance Agency

Dennis Bess and Carrie Shelby

Since 1988 l have been devoted to the Farm Insurance market, mixed between family farms and the corporate farms.

We at the agency believe that Farm Insurance should be treated more like Business Insurance vs. a Home Insurance policy with farm coverage. We have seen the benefits for our accounts and let’s face it, farming is your business if you are farming.

We have many Farm Insurance markets in our agency from older companies to the largest Farm Insurance Company in the nation. We understand the importance of the premium, but we also see the importance of coverage and giving plenty of options.

With all of the companies we have to offer, we find that we have a very competitive price and coverage options in all lines of insurance.

A lot of things have changed though the years, but customer service is still one on one from explaining coverage though the claim process. You will never see us here in our agency giving you an 800 number to call to report your claim or a claim adjuster phone number when you have a question. When we say you are our customer then you will be treated like you should be treated.

Give us a call and let us discuss your farming operation and put together a proposal and you will see first hand competitive prices and the many options to choose from.